Our search for the next big performance idea is relentless and endless. If you believe you have what it takes to be a part of our existing projects, mail us your stories/poems/compositions at However, before you submit, please do go through the submission guidelines and FAQs.


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Do you believe you have an idea that could blow audiences away? Have you seen a unique live performance idea that left you stunned and wanting more? We’d love to hear from you! Tell us if you’ve seen or thought of an idea that you’d want Kommune’s help in building, and we’ll get in touch with you. Drop us an email at

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Excited by what we do? We’d love to bring Kommune straight to you! If you’d like us to do a Storytellers Workshop to your corporate workspace, or a live show to the restaurant/bar/pub you own, get in touch with us! You can get in touch with us for a query at

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  • Your story must be personal and a real life experience. We do not entertain fictional tales (yet).
  • Your story should be around 700-800 words, and should be no longer than 6 minutes.
  • Proofread your stories; the sharper your submission, the better the chance it stands of being selected.
  • Kindly do not make multiple submissions on the same mail, we only entertain one at a time.
  • Please be patient. We sometimes do cross city tours and find it tough to allot slots to tellers with selected stories.
  • Those with selected stories will be given a chance to perform it at our next Workshop session.
  • If your story is exceptional at the Workshop session, we will ask you to join us for a Pro-session; an exhilarating opportunity to perform alongside some of the best in the business in front of a live crowd.

Beat Poetry

  • We prefer poetry that is simple and has a meter/rhythm; this makes it easier for our musicians to adapt the poem into a Beat Poem.
  • Your piece of writing needs to be about 3-5 minutes.
  • The submission needs to have a moral takeaway for the audience. It can be an intimate/personal experience. Remember not to be too abstract or vague, and slam poetry based on personal experiences/real-life situations are encouraged.
  • Along with the written piece, kindly also attach an audio clip/voice note of your narration of the piece, so that we may ensure it sticks to the time limit. It also helps our musicians compose accordingly.
  • Overly-sexual, profanity-ridden stories are a strict no-no. You could use adult humour as a possible topic, but anything over the top will be frowned upon.
  • Submissions can be in any language, but English/Hindi are preferred.

Submission Guidelines

Know what needs to be known before submissions.

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